There Is No Planet B.
It's Time to Act.
Smart & Green.

There Is No Planet B.
It's Time to Act.
Smart & Green.

We are rethinking the construction and real estate industry. Using sustainable construction solutions, we combine successful materials management with consistent protection of the environment & climate.

Time is running out

Floods. Forest fires. Heat.
Climate change affects us all.

Climate Change

The construction industry
under pressure.

Climate change is causing society to rethink. The issue of sustainability is increasingly coming into focus and putting pressure on the construction and real estate industry. Cooperatives, private builders and public tenders are increasingly demanding more sustainable construction methods.

The construction industry needs to change radically. However, there is still a lot standing in the way of sustainable construction.

Lack of Trust

Construction managers, owners of construction companies and buyers lack knowledge and confidence towards sustainable building materials.

Missing Building Materials

There are not yet enough suppliers producing cradle to cradle building materials for the construction industry.

Insufficient Knowledge

80% of architects have little or no knowledge of cradle to cradle building materials and need to be trained in this.

Pioneers of Sustainability

Smart & Green.
The new standard for sustainable building.

We are pioneering the construction & real estate industry. Through our recycled raw and building materials, we sustainably improve the industry and significantly increase the window of opportunity for mining our limited raw materials.

We research, develop and train in the field of sustainable construction and raw materials.

Sustainable development

Environmental protection

Recycled building materials

Cradle to Cradle

Innovative materials

Sustainable materials

Upcycling of old materials

New construction technologies

Implementation of new processes

Teaching of new knowledge



Our Commitment

We begin where others stop.

Recycled concrete as the building material of the future

Recycling does not have to mean inferior – the opposite is true. With our processes, concrete mixtures can be produced that are in no way subordinate to new concrete.

Plastic waste as building material

In the ocean alone, plastic waste costs the lives of over 135,000 marine mammals and 1 million seabirds every year. We reuse plastic waste as a useful raw material.

Know-how for the makers of tomorrow

Just wanting to be sustainable is not enough. That's why we train architects, planners and construction companies and raise their awareness of sustainable building materials.

And much more...


We Do It.
Smart & Green.


"Everything is possible" has been our guiding principle for years. Just like in a tech startup, everything can be questioned and optimized with us. The goal: to be one step ahead of the time by constantly improving technological solutions and modern sustainable materials.


Together we set new standards. Every innovation is checked for improvement of the climate footprint, regionality, recycling & upcycling, production and transport conditions, economic efficiency, right through to the reintegration of resources into the circular economy.


We know
how sustainability works.

An extraordinary team of experienced and innovative engineers, visionaries and experts.

Torsten Nehls

Founder Smart & Green

With the Belle Époque Group for 32 years. Specialist in real estate management and construction technology. Experienced in architecture, area and material optimization, guiding details, system construction, recycling and cradle to cradle, construction technology and building physics.

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Teichmann

Engineer and material scientist
Specialist in concrete and other material formulations for 20 years. Engineer for building materials and materials development. Experienced in areas of sustainable material development, process and equipment development, and R&D.

Dr.-Ing. Gregor Zimmermann

Engineer for lightweight structures
Specialist in concrete technology with about 20 years of experience. Also experienced in areas of structural analysis, architecture, construction engineering and materials development and R&D.

Dr. Mahdi Motamedmanesh

Senior Architect (Dipl. Ing. & M. Sc.)
Architect for 15 years in various building cultures in Europe and Asia, with expertise in the development of structural systems and building systems in Europe and the US.

Dennis Hahn

Technical specialist & master roofer
In the construction industry for 23 years. Specialist in waterproofing, building physics and building envelopes, with experience in planning, consulting, production, order processing and realization.

"Consistent climate protection
and a successful construction industry
are not mutually exclusive."

Torsten Nehls, CEO

We present

nuborn® - the product brand of Smart & Green

Nothing is impossible - this is the motivation & backbone of the Smart & Green Group. Smart & Green's nuborn® products combine the highest standards of construction technology, efficiency, quality, climate improvement & environmental protection, bringing our vision of a sustainable future "on the road."

The nuborn® Brands

Our team of experts is constantly developing new technical solutions, material formulations, products & semi-finished components for the construction and real estate industry. All taking into account economic efficiency, cradle to cradle and the latest technological findings on sustainability.

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Sustainable & successful

End consumers are also placing more and more value on sustainability. Don't miss the boat.


Let's build the world of tomorrow together. Write to us.

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Smart & Green is proud member of European Smart + Green Initiative (ESGI), the European cooperative for a sustainable construction and real estate industry.

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